Mr. Bean meets the Queen

Till this day I still dont understand why people think Mr. Bean is funny. +_O

I grew up watching Mr. Bean and his shanagins with my family who love Mr. Bean, especially my mom, she thought he was hilarious and every time the show was one she would call everybody to watch together. It’s a British comedy show that starred Rowan Atkinson and aired from 1990-1995 (but we still watched re-runs after that). Rowan Atkinson developed the character himself as a child in a grown man’s body.

I always thought he was silly, but I watched it cos everyone else was watching it. And now that im much older, I still don’t find him as funny as everyone thinks he is, but Mr. Bean will always remind me of our so-called “family time,” the little time we spent together before time grew us apart.

All of Mr. Bean’s videos from youtube are restricted to be only seen on youtube, so just click on where it says watch on youtube

Arabs got talent…do they really?

Are they serious? Do they really think that’s talent? Come on this is embarrassing:

It’s like they let anybody through to the next round. I kinda was excited for the show since they were promoting it on all of the MBC channels non-stop, but after the second episode I don’t think I’ll be watching. This show is just proving to me that Arab’s Don’t Got Talent.

P.S. the lady host behind the scenes is really annoying.

For talented dancers watch ABDC:


My favorite crew, Quest Crew:


Little Fockers

The combination of Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro was quite funny the first 2 times, but this time around I did not find the movie to be as funny.

The addition of the kids adds a little touch, I mean I found them to be cute and funny, but come on they’re supposedly 5 now and Grandpa is still harassing the son-in-law.

Jessica Alba’s addition to the mix seemed off. I mean it’s so predictable, she’s beautiful, something happens, Grandpa Jack becomes involved, and blahblahblah…

I give this movie 6.5/10 …

RED: Retired, Extremely Dangerous…

I just finished watching Red, and I have to say I liked the diverse combination of actors within the film. It was comical and not as action-packed as I expected but it still was there. You have to remember that it’s based on a comic, we all wish the Iron Man suit is real but its not,  so it mite be exaggerated a bit but its totally done right. Perfect shooting aim, jumping off of cars, everything magically works out…it was great! 8/10