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55c28a9f97b6176ed5354a1acbe8fb92For coffee drinkers, a morning cup of joe is non-negotiable. It might be a coffee to-go from the deli or a cold brew you’ve steeped for hours. Whatever it is, you don’t question it, you don’t fight it, you just get it. For coffee lovers, this morning ritual (which may also take place in the afternoon) is sacred.

The bottom line is, coffee is a serious matter to those who care about it. And with any serious matter, certain truths come to light every so often that may be difficult to face. For fans of watermelon, it might be startling to know that watermelon is a berry. (So too is an avocado.) Pizza lovers might be surprised by the fact that Hawaiian pizza was invented by a Canadian. Some food truths are easier to swallow than others, and luckily for coffee drinkers, the truth about coffee isn’t as terrible as say, the fact that there might be trace amounts of insect fragments in your peanut butter.

Here, for example, Isla Bell Murray breaks down exactly how your time is distributed when you’re getting your morning cup of Joe:coffee03

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