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Is this the worst season yet? Unfortunately so.

I used to enjoy watching BB ever since it started. It was the thrill of the competitions, the strategies, and the alliances that kept me hooked. Over the past few years, the houseguests have been overeager and jump right into strategy talk from the first day. Over-thinking the game from the beginning usually is their downfall. I’ve become less interested in watching BB because it has lost the ‘real’ in ‘reality’. 

This year’s season is the worst by far. The issues of racism have been raised several times and at one point, CBS issued a ‘viewer discretion’ label warning viewers about the prejudice comments.  The racial issues could have been handled better by CBS if they simply kicked out the people who have repeatedly offended other houseguests, and ultimately the viewers. We’ve seen BB eject houseguests out of the game if they were seen as a threat or damaged BB property, so why not for racial and prejudice slurs?

Racism is not the only issue being raised. Sometimes it’s hard to prove that the games are rigged but the HOH game where Aaryn and Jeremy won just highlighted the carelessness of BB’s discretion to disqualify them for passing the cups instead of pouring it into each other’s cups as per the game rules.  Also, the latest HOH competition where Aaron magically got the highest number at the roulette table doesn’t feel like it was pure luck. Suspicions have already been raised regarding the choice of games and how they play out, so it wasn’t really a shocker for Aaryn to win. 

New rumors have been raised regarding one of the houseguests’ relationship with the producer Allison Grodner. Claims have been made by a CBS employee that the winner has already been pre-determined and it is Amanda Zuckerman. Whether it is true or not, Amanda has been getting air time more than anybody, and in the last few episodes, she has been nagging to get Howard out. Howard has been highlighting that Amanda has a high influence on people’s votes and that she should be targeted. It makes you wonder if she was tipped off and that’s why she has been trying to get big Howie out. 

Now that everyone has an idea about what to expect, I doubt CBS would continue with their selection of the pre-determined winner.

They need to just let the people play the game without interfering so much.






So, BB15 has already started with new twists and turns. I just finished watching the latest episode (6), and frankly, I’m just so sick of Jeremy and the Moving Company. In the last HOH, Jeremy and Aaryn cheated and that was the only way they won. Surprisingly, no one has raised this issue from the producers’ side. Not only that, with all the racial slurs and comments, so far no one has been confronted on tape, but it’s not surprising that rumors have stated that the houseguests have been warned several times.

The MVP is a great addition to the game. It’s no wonder that Elissa keeps winning MVP. The rest of the houseguests act like children and have targeted Elissa for only being Rachel’s sister. If they were smart enough, they would realize that she’s more of an asset than a threat. She doesn’t do so well in competitions either.

For Aaryn to state that she’s out for vengeance is a complete load of crap. If she really cared about who took out her boy toy she would have tried to find out who actually went against their word and voted him out.

If Elissa gets voted out in the next episode, I will just stop watching and that’s my game plan.

Big Brother 13

My favorite summertime show is coming out this Thursday! I’ve been a fan since the beginning, so every summer I wait impatiently for Big Brother (US version) to air.

According to, this year’s twist will be the “Dynamic Duo” which involves Big Brother pairs from past seasons with most likely 3 ‘pairs’ of previous HG’s. Eight new cast members have been announced and none of them are previous house guests.

The Big Brother commercials claim there will be “shocking surprises”, so “expect the unexpected”, there’s no hints yet. Guess we have to wait till Thursday