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Bleach: Fullbring Arc

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So far I’m like the Fullbring Arc even though I think they should have just ended it after capturing Aizen. Anyway, this arc is all about getting Ichigo’s powers back with the help of some strangers who have some sort of power called a fullbring. They help Ichigo train until his fullbring emerges. I won’t go further into detail, but it does get interesting when the captains show up XD


Baaaaahhhhhhhh this is prolly the best episode of Bleach I’ve seen in a long time…My sister totally ruined “Gin vs Aizen” for me back in December:

Anyway, while Gin is dying 😦   Ichigo arrives with long hair, and chains on one arm, so you can tell that he grew during that time he was fighting with Zangetsu.

Aizen acting all cocky says how Ichigo didnt change and prolly not worth fighting, blahblahblah, then Ichigo just interrupts him like he’s not even listening and asks to change location. Aizen continues saying he’s just going to kill Continue reading BLEACH 308


I am a huuuuuuge fan of Bleach… For those who don’t know, it is a Japanese anime series and there is a manga but I prefer to watch it (subbed not dubbed!). It’s quite popular, along with Naruto and One Piece.

They have been hinting through out the series that Ichigo’s dad, Isshin Kurosaki, is possible a captain…well finally he comes out in Episode 296 after Aizen defeats everyone, and Aizen explains to Ichigo how he was all part of the plan from the beginning, and how he is part human and part something else… and out comes Isshin before Aizen could complete his sentence…

I am so ecstatic for the next episode where everything is cleared up and we get to watch Ichigo’s dad in action!