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Bahrain’s fight affects KSA

Whether you’re for or against the protests in Bahrain, here’s an interesting article I came across that is written in a different perspective than the articles circulating the internet…

The Gulf’s terror of democracy” By Pepe Escobar

Some highlights:

“…tiny Shi’ite-majority Bahrain borders the large Shi’ite majority oil-producing parts of Saudi Arabia. So no wonder King Abdullah had barely set foot on his carpets when he went pre-emptive to quell any possible democracy-yearning moves, launching a US$35 billion program that includes one year of unemployment benefits for jobless young people, and adding into a national development fund which helps people to buy homes, set up businesses and get married.”

“And guess who was there to greet King Abdullah and discuss the “crisis”- code for The Great 2011 Arab Revolt? That’s right – his Sunni neighbor feudal monarch, King Hamad al-Khalifa of Bahrain.”

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What’s happening across the region…

World news lately has been so depressing, with it’s focus on the Middle East, anti-government protests have been spreading across the region like wild-fire. Protesters are challenging their authoritarian rulers to step down after many years of oppression. Sparked by Tunisia and Egypt, people are confidently raising their voices to their governments and rulers in hopes of a positive outcome. Here’s a recap on the tensions in Middle East:

  • Tunisia: In what became known as the Jasmine Revolution, a sudden and explosive wave of street protests ousted the authoritarian president, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, who had ruled with an iron hand for 23 years. On January 14, Ben Ali left the country, after trying unsuccessfully to placate the demonstrators with promises of elections. According to government figures issued later, 78 protesters died and 94 were injured during the demonstrations.