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Texting & driving…

So I’ve been trying this new thing where I don’t use my phone while I drive. I used to be addicted to my blackberry that I would be typing full sentences and keeping up with multiple conversations while I was driving. I’ve seen plenty of ads regarding this so I simply decided that the phone needs to go. It is just not worth my life or anybody else’s.

I do admit it was hard to keep the bb down, so I limited myself to only use it at a red light. Now I don’t even bother because I have all day to be on the phone and about 30 minutes in the car. So the bb can wait. I also don’t answer phone calls because I keep ruining my headsets and I have had enough of getting police fines for not using a headset. And talking on the phone is a distraction, sometimes I forget to make a turn because I in a deep conversation. If it’s not for directions then I don’t use my phone.

It’s been months now and I don’t regret making that decision. Lives are more valuable then a simple text or call.