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10 Animated Films That The World Inexplicably Forgot

I was going through random posts and found one regarding animated films that never made it far. One that stood out was Ferngully, a movie that my siblings and I watched growing up.  The Secret of NIMH is also part of the forgotten list, but I’ve watched that movie several times over the past couple of years. Not sure why they are in the list, to me they were popular enough. Or am I just lost in my own world?

There are several movies that I haven’t even heard about. Check out the list and see for yourself.

“If you’ve seen Avatar or EPIC, you already have a pretty good grasp on what Ferngully: The Last Rainforest is all about. In fact, there have been several debates about both films borrowing from it.

Starring Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) as a campy villain and the late Robin Williams as a zany bat, you’d think Ferngully would receive more attention. The American-Australian film centers on a young construction worker reduced in size by a magic spell. He ultimately allies with a civilization of fairies to save their rain forest home from Hexxus—a sinister, or even sensual, blob of pollution.

The film performed fairly well at the box office, achieving a worldwide gross of $32 million. Though critics didn’t exactly rave over the film, they didn’t hate it either, giving it generally pleasant reviews at the time.”

90’s Flashback…Ren & Stimpy

Back in the 90’s, I think everybody watched Ren & Stimpy. An American show created by a Canadian animator, the show centered around Ren, a chihuahua, and Stimpson also known as Stimpy, a cat.

The show started in 1991 and ran for 5 seasons on Nickelodeon. Looking back at it now, half the themes and jokes presented in the show goes far beyond the comprehension of a young teen to understand. I can watch Ren & Stimpy now and find it funny, but I can’t understand how I used to watch it back then in my early teenage years, and so I realized this show is not suitable for children, but we watched anyway….I guess its like how back in the 90’s, people were just learning that second-hand smoke is dangerous.

90’s Flashback…Moesha

Moesha starred R&B singer Brandy as Moesha Mitchell, a high school student living with her family in LA. From Moesha’s view, the audience takes a look inside her life with her family and friends. The show usually covers family issues and adulthood.

Just an overview, after the death of his wife, Moesha’s dad remarries, to none other than her high school principal..Brandy’s co-stars include the hilarious Countess Vaughn who plays her besty, Kimberly,  and Star Jackson who plays as the third in their triangle of friends as Niecy Jackson, the boy chaser. Lamont Bently as Haikeem Cambell the boy next door & one of Moesha’s friends who spends his time usually eating the Mitchells’ food.  Yevette Wilson, who has the Continue reading 90’s Flashback…Moesha

90’s Flashback…Ellen

Before the Ellen Show, or the talk show, it was just plain Ellen…the sitcom ran from  94 – 98 and in her fourth season,  she came out as being a “lesbian”.  She played the role of Ellen Morgan, who was a neurotic bookstore owner in her thirties dealing with her quirky friends, family and daily life problems.

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