90’s Flashback – JTT

Better known as J.T.T., even though he hated the nickname, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was probably best known as Randy Taylor from Home Improvement  and the voice of young Simba from The Lion King.

Looking back at it now, I don’t know why I used to watch Home Improvement all the time. I guess it was just in my after school TV show line up. But seeing the below picture from their recent reunion is nostalgic….This was taken & tweeted by Patricia Richardson, who was then later forced to take it down ;$

Back in the 90’s, JTT starred in movies like Man of the House, Tom & Huck, and Wild America. He was also in a lot of TV movies, but who can even remember those. He had some guest appearances in tv shows like 8 Simple Rules and Veronica Mars.  In the 90’s JTT was probably one of the biggest teen heartthrobs, so where is he now? Well he took a break from Hollywood and studied in Harvard University, spent his third year in Scotland and finally graduated from Columbia University last year.  He now also goes by his birth name, Jonathan Taylor Weiss, and is planning to get back into acting & directing. He sure looks different now, I wonder if he will still be considered a heartthrob? +_O


Chris Tucker Post-Rush Hour

Chris Tucker will finally branch out and be known for more than just his Rush Hour movies. Lots of talk going on, but we might be seeing him again in a variety of new movies.  Two potential supporting roles are in the works for Mr. James Carter.

 The Silver Linings Playbook, based on a book by Matthew Quick, will star Bradley Cooper as a man recently released from a mental institution after being there for 4 years and tries to reconcile with his wife. Chris Tucker is in talks to play one of Cooper’s friends in the institution, along with Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro. Is this possibly a too-serious-role for Chris? Maybe…

Who doesn’t love Ben Stiller?

Neighborhood Watch is the other movie Chris Tucker may be co-starring in. A sci-fi flick starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and a skinnier Jonah Hill as a group of neighborhood guys, or bored dads,  who join the neighborhood watch as an excuse to get more time to hang out together and then of course some funny/strange stuff happens (or else why would they label it sci-fi?)

These movies probably won’t be out until 2013, but its great to know that Chris Tucker is back +_O

90’s Flashback – The Sinbad Show

Come on, who didn’t watch this show back in the day. The Sinbad Show started in 1993 but only lasted one season due to its cancelation. It starred comedian Sinbad as a bachelor who adopts two orphaned children, Ray J being one of the children, and co-stars Salma Hayek. Some episodes can be found on youtube (can’t post them here). They’re not that great quality, but still funny. I don’t know why it was short-lived, Sinbad’s funny, he’s no Dave Chappelle, but he’s still a credible comedian.

Sinbad is coming out with a new reality tv show, which celebrity hasn’t? Guess we can’t get enough of reality tv even if it is pointless.



Chris Tucker

Best known as Detective James Carter from Rush Hour, Christopher “Chris” Tucker (born August 31, 1972) gained film recognition alongside Ice Cube in the 1995 film Friday (funniest movie ever) as Smokey. In 1997, he co-starred with Charlie Sheen in Money Talks (second funniest movie ever), and alongside Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element. The following year, he starred in Rush Hour (and then 2 & 3)

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I miss Chris Farley…

Farley was a member of Chicago’s The Second City Theatre and cast member of Saturday Night Live. He starred in Black Sheep and Tommy Boy, two hilarious movies that also co-starred SNL cast member David Spade.

Following his final guest appearance on SNL on October 25, his hoarse voice, continual perspiration and flushed skin were the subject of public scrutiny. In the final years of his life, Farley had sought treatment for obesity and drug Continue reading I miss Chris Farley…

If Archie Comics was made into a Movie…

When I was younger, I used to buy Archie Comics once a week and it wouldn’t take me long to finish it. When I heard about the parody movie trailer, I quickly hit up youtube…

For those who don’t know, it all began with Archie’s character back in 1941 and over time developed in a full comic Continue reading If Archie Comics was made into a Movie…

Street Photographer VIVIAN MAIER


Just imagine buying random rolls of film and developing them to discovery wonderful works of art.

Vivian Maier: an American amateur street photographer born in New York (February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009).

She grew up in France and after returning to the U.S., she worked for about forty years as a nanny in Chicago. During those years, on her days off, she wandered the streets of New York and Chicago, most often with a Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex camera and took about 100,000 photographs, primarily of people and cityscapes. Apparently, she did not share Continue reading Street Photographer VIVIAN MAIER

90’s Flashback … Gargoyles

Gargoyles is an American animated television series created by Greg Weisman and aired from October 24, 1994 to February 15, 1997. The series features a clan of nocturnal creatures known as Gargoyles that turn to stone during the day. The show focuses on a particular clan led by a gargoyle named Goliath. This clan lived in medieval Scotland where they helped protect a castle. One day they were cursed by a wizard to remain in their stone form until their castle “rose above the clouds.” In the present day, billionaire David Xanatos purchases the Gargoyle’s castle and has it reconstructed atop his New York skyscraper. The castle having thus “risen above the clouds”, the six gargoyles of the clan awake. In trying to adjust to their new world they are aided by a sympathetic NYPD officer, Elisa Maza, and quickly come into conflict with Xanatos. In addition to dealing with the gargoyles’ attempts to adjust to modern New York, the series also incorporated various supernatural threats to their safety and to the world at large.

I used to love this show and I still remember waking up on Saturday mornings to watch it during its slot on “Disney’s One Saturday Morning.”

Here’s the first part of the first episode:

Dave Chappelle…

One of my favorite comedians, I thought I would fish out the dirt on his disappearance.

Last I heard was that he quit showbiz and decided to live on his farm with his family in Ohio…Reasons behind his withdrawal from Hollywood are somewhat related to the Illuminati conspiracy theories. Here’s a clip from Oprah:

I checked his website and there’s no new news or any updates. I also checked Comedy Central‘s website, and no new updates there either (but had lots of old clips).

So I turned to youtube:

Well I guess he’s still on that farm working on some new material…

Here’s a not-too-old clip at the Laugh Factory: