Graham Moore’s Acceptance Speech

Moore did something remarkable: He told the audience that he tried to commit suicide as a teen because he felt different and awkward, and called upon any teenager out there who felt awkward or out of place to remember that there is a place in the world for them. He urged them to pass on the same message when it’s their turn. “Stay weird, stay different,” Moore said. And with that, he won the night.


Child 44

An upcoming American drama thriller film based on Tom Rob Smith’s novel Child 44. The film stars Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, and Vincent Cassel and is scheduled to be released on April 17, 2015. The story follows police agent Leo Demidov in Soviet-era Russia, who investigates a serial killer who targets young boys while the state refuses to acknowledge the crimes at all.

“A politically-charged serial killer thriller set in 1953 Soviet Russia, CHILD 44 chronicles the crisis of conscience for secret police agent Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy), who loses status, power and home when he refuses to denounce his own wife, Raisa (Noomi Rapace), as a traitor. Exiled from Moscow to a grim provincial outpost, Leo and Raisa join forces with General Mikhail Nesterov (Gary Oldman) to track down a serial killer who preys on young boys. Their quest for justice threatens a system-wide cover-up enforced by Leo’s psychopathic rival Vasili (Joel Kinnaman), who insists “There is no crime in Paradise.” Summit Entertainment presents in association with Worldview Entertainment a Scott Free production, a Daniel Espinosa film.”

The Interview – a great marketing tactic

The ultimate way to celebrate American freedom and defy the evil North Koreans this holiday season, many people seem to believe, is to watch The Interview.

The Interview, which has been trashed in reviews and would surely have been a dud had the Sony hack never happened, has become seen as a way for Americans to demonstrate their patriotism. By watching it, the thinking goes, you are supporting America’s commitment to free speech and thumbing your nose at North Korea, which apparently hacked Sony over the film.

“Celebrate America’s freedom by watching,” Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus tweeted. But the truth is that this sort of tweet, and the broader sentiment it represents — in which standing up to Kim Jong Un is seen as an act of patriotism and civic duty — is the best possible outcome for North Korea.


This supposed act of defiance against Kim Jong Un actually helps North Korea, by buying into their disingenuous propaganda about the movie, as well as by aiding Kim in his mission to look more important than he is and to gin up conflict between his country and the US. The supposed celebration of free speech is a tremendous favor to the regime that is by far the worst human rights abuser on earth.

Of course it’s fine to see The Interview if you’d simply like to watch a goofy slapstick comedy. But don’t let Sony fool you into seeing the movie’s release as a celebration of freedom rather than a simple business play. And don’t let North Korea trick you into thinking that you’re punishing Kim Jong Un by treating this movie as a blow against his country when, in fact, you’d be helping him out…. (to continue, click here)

10 Animated Films That The World Inexplicably Forgot

I was going through random posts and found one regarding animated films that never made it far. One that stood out was Ferngully, a movie that my siblings and I watched growing up.  The Secret of NIMH is also part of the forgotten list, but I’ve watched that movie several times over the past couple of years. Not sure why they are in the list, to me they were popular enough. Or am I just lost in my own world?

There are several movies that I haven’t even heard about. Check out the list and see for yourself.

“If you’ve seen Avatar or EPIC, you already have a pretty good grasp on what Ferngully: The Last Rainforest is all about. In fact, there have been several debates about both films borrowing from it.

Starring Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) as a campy villain and the late Robin Williams as a zany bat, you’d think Ferngully would receive more attention. The American-Australian film centers on a young construction worker reduced in size by a magic spell. He ultimately allies with a civilization of fairies to save their rain forest home from Hexxus—a sinister, or even sensual, blob of pollution.

The film performed fairly well at the box office, achieving a worldwide gross of $32 million. Though critics didn’t exactly rave over the film, they didn’t hate it either, giving it generally pleasant reviews at the time.”

Snow White & the Huntsman Review


Storyline:   In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen.

Genres:    Action | Adventure

Release Date:  May 31, 2012

My Review: Oh my.. This movie proves how one actor(ess) can ruin a good movie. Kristen Stewart was just not right for this role maybe because she still has her brain wired to the Twilight saga. Even when she ate the poisoned apple, it was a reenactment of when she got her first vampire bite in the first Twilight… Her constipated facial expressions are getting quite tiresome and should only be used in drama-infused, modern day films. How hard is it to put on a British accent, apparently it’s really difficult, ask Kristen (or Chris.. maybe they should have had an all-British cast?).


The movie’s advantages are the technical features, the costumes, the picture, it was all beautifully and creatively done.  Rupert Sanders might have made a mistake on Snow White, but he sure picked the right queen. Best evil queen, hands down, goes to Charlize Theron. After the movie, you pretty much don’t remember anything except for Charlize’s performance, and also wonder why it wasn’t called Queen Ravenna and the Huntsman.


Like Kristen, Chris Hemsworth has a typical style of acting: rough, tough, and funny which we see in a lot of his films. But his style is charming, and that’s why you tend to see past his acting weaknesses.

For a darkened twist on the classic tale by the Brothers Grimm, it was enjoyably sufficient  7/10

21 Jump Street Review

Storyline:   A pair of underachieving cops are sent back to a local high school to blend in and bring down a synthetic drug ring.

Genres:    Action | Comedy | Crime

Release Date:  March 16, 2012

My Review:  This movie is based on the tv series which ran from 87-91 and starred Johnny Depp, who makes a cameo with his partner in the film. I’ve never actually watched an episode of the series but I’ve seen a couple of clips and it’s a drama unlike the film and I am generalizing but the show seems nothing like the movie besides the skeletons of the plot.

This movie has genuinely funny moments. The main characters surprisingly balanced each other even though it was jock vs nerd (which shows that we can all get along). I always found Channing Tatum to be a little stiff. His chemistry with Jonah Hill was slow at first, but quickly improved. If their chemistry on screen was off balance, I don’t think the movie would have worked out as well as it did.

Of course it has its lame moments, like Jonah’s character falling in love with a high schooler, but on the whole, it has a nice combination of comedy & action. At the end of the movie, I was left questioning why they didn’t just go undercover at a college rather than a high school. I always find it odd when there’s a huge age gap and older people play young people roles.

I’m not sure if avid fans of the show would approve of this movie but I’m sure the majority of the audience didn’t even know the show existed or that the movie is based on anything.

Superbad meets Hangover with a pinch of Bad Boys.. ok maybe not Bad Boys. With no comparison to Bad Boys, 21 Jump Street is worth watching 8/10.

This Means War Review

Storyline:  Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.

Genres:   Action / Comedy / Romance

Release Date: Feb 17, 2012

My Review: The storyline is so overdone that I’m getting tired of giving chick flicks a chance. The cast didn’t seem so bad, I mean the guys do look like they would somehow be friends in real life, and Reese Witherspoon doesn’t look THAT old.

The main plot: two spies fighting for one girl. The weakness lies in the actual plot. It’s not original, and even though it’s not very creative, it’s also cheaply put together. You would think that the guys’ characters as spies would give the film a little edge, but it doesn’t. The action scenes are really weak and flawed. There is no “coolness” factor at all.  They might as well have been college boys or doctors because the focus was on the relationships and the action scenes went regrettably unnoticeable.

I think I may have chuckled once, but the movie is so bland that I can’t remember what scene it was. So if you are asking if it is at least funny, I would say no, no it’s not funny.

Is it a good chick flick? Sure, if you are bored and just want to kill time staring at two handsome guys, it’s the perfect movie 🙂

This Means War really means tastelessly boring, 5/10.

The Avengers Review

Storyline:  Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings together a team of super humans to form The Avengers to help save the Earth from Loki and his army.

Genres:   Action/Adventure/SciFi

Release Date: May 3/4, 2012

My Review: Do I really need to review this movie? I had a horrible experience in the theatre, I literally had to block all irritating sounds and concentrate on the screen. And at one point, I called the manager regarding the whole row in front of me. Despite my horrible experience, I did enjoy the film seeing as though super hero movies are my favorite type. A group of superheroes in one movie, what could be so bad about that? For an estimated budget of $220,000,000, they sure went all out with lots of special effects and ‘marvel’-ous action scenes.

For a 2+hour movie, you would think I would get bored somewhere towards the middle (like in the Hunger Games), but I didn’t even notice the length. It had a balance of super heroes on screen, it wasn’t a one man show, you saw all the heroes almost equally. But I would have liked to see less talking and more fighting with Nick Fury. There was good chemistry between the all the big shot characters and it just all seemed so natural, or very well scripted.

I had a couple of favorite scenes, Thor vs Iron Man, Hulk vs Thor, Loki being thrown like a rag doll by Hulk…and I loved how the Black Widow wasn’t there just for looks, she’s a pretty good fighter. We’ve already seen character development with most of the characters due to prior movies, except for Hawk Eye. He was only in a small scene in Thor, so there’s not much development in the movie with his character.

It will most likely be the movie of the year…But we will have to wait and see Batman first.

Marvel Studios, you did good – 9/10

Movies On My Radar

Besides The Avengers, Snow White & The Huntsman, Batman, etc. there are a few other movies on my watch list:

Citizen Gangster

Already out (April 27)


Release date: May 11, 2012

Red Lights

Release date: July 13, 2012

Neighborhood Watch

Release date: July 27, 2012


Release Date: Aug 31, 2012

House At The End Of The Street

Release date: Sept 21, 2012


Release date: Sept 28, 2012 ^_^

The Hobbit

Release date: Dec 14, 2012


Storyline:  As a police psychologist works to talk down an ex-con who is threatening to jump from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, the biggest diamond heist ever committed is in motion…

Genres:   Action/Adventure/Thriller

Release Date: JAN 27, 2012

My Review: The movie doesn’t start out with A, B, C, D but rather C, B, A, D. The story is not told in chronological order, instead, it’s more of a brain teaser (which isn’t hard to figure out). To prove his innocence, the main character Nick Cassidy, climbs out onto a hotel ledge  implying that he will commit suicide. We soon see the story evolving, an escaped-felon with a plan out to prove his innocence. He was framed for stealing a rare and expensive diamond. Seeing as though he didn’t actually do it, stealing it for the first time might actually save his future. You can’t be convicted of the same crime twice.

Of course, with many movies these days no originality is present whatsoever, right away it reminded me of Inside Man. The difference between the two movies is that Inside Man is creatively done and entertaining until the very end. As for Man On A Ledge, it’s very predictable and when it was trying to be funny, it was lame and when it was trying to be suspenseful it was funny. I’m not sure what the director was going for but in terms of quality, or the lack of, it was mediocre. The acting was typical and unmemorable, no character stood out. And as much as I like Sam Worthington, his accent was inconsistent through out the movie which weakens his performance.

Overall, the movie is average so it’s not a ‘must-see’ nor is it a ‘don’t watch.’ Just another heist movie, and a quick fix for movie fiends, or not… 5.5./10