The Interview – a great marketing tactic

The ultimate way to celebrate American freedom and defy the evil North Koreans this holiday season, many people seem to believe, is to watch The Interview.

The Interview, which has been trashed in reviews and would surely have been a dud had the Sony hack never happened, has become seen as a way for Americans to demonstrate their patriotism. By watching it, the thinking goes, you are supporting America’s commitment to free speech and thumbing your nose at North Korea, which apparently hacked Sony over the film.

“Celebrate America’s freedom by watching,” Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus tweeted. But the truth is that this sort of tweet, and the broader sentiment it represents — in which standing up to Kim Jong Un is seen as an act of patriotism and civic duty — is the best possible outcome for North Korea.


This supposed act of defiance against Kim Jong Un actually helps North Korea, by buying into their disingenuous propaganda about the movie, as well as by aiding Kim in his mission to look more important than he is and to gin up conflict between his country and the US. The supposed celebration of free speech is a tremendous favor to the regime that is by far the worst human rights abuser on earth.

Of course it’s fine to see The Interview if you’d simply like to watch a goofy slapstick comedy. But don’t let Sony fool you into seeing the movie’s release as a celebration of freedom rather than a simple business play. And don’t let North Korea trick you into thinking that you’re punishing Kim Jong Un by treating this movie as a blow against his country when, in fact, you’d be helping him out…. (to continue, click here)


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