90’s kid

I was born in the 80’s (1984 to be exact), and lived my childhood through the 90’s. I played with pogs, marbles, polly pocket and trolls. I enjoyed Hubba Bubba Bubble jug, Fun Dip,push pops, sodalicious and other candies. I watched Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Saved by the Bell and Full House to name a few. I listened to Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, TLC, and Salt-N-Peppa. My favorite movies consisted of Home Alone, Scream, Tremors, Clueless, and lots of Disney movies. I had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Andrew Keegan.   I used cassette players, watched from my VHS player (the video store knew I was coming every Friday), did not own a cellphone until I was 16 (emergencies only), PC was used for school work only (floppy disks were essential), and internet dial-up was a pain.

There is so much more that I have left out but I cannot stress enough how this generation will never understand what a “90’s kid” really means. Don’t get it twisted, being a 90’s kid  does not mean you were born in the 90’s. It’s a title earned by those who lived through the games, electronics and pop culture that were introduced in that decade.

The best years were in the 90’s and I’m happy to call myself a 90’s kid.


One thought on “90’s kid

  1. I was born 1974 , The 90´s was truly a great period as far as music , entertainment and most of my memorable movies was made during that time:)

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