So, BB15 has already started with new twists and turns. I just finished watching the latest episode (6), and frankly, I’m just so sick of Jeremy and the Moving Company. In the last HOH, Jeremy and Aaryn cheated and that was the only way they won. Surprisingly, no one has raised this issue from the producers’ side. Not only that, with all the racial slurs and comments, so far no one has been confronted on tape, but it’s not surprising that rumors have stated that the houseguests have been warned several times.

The MVP is a great addition to the game. It’s no wonder that Elissa keeps winning MVP. The rest of the houseguests act like children and have targeted Elissa for only being Rachel’s sister. If they were smart enough, they would realize that she’s more of an asset than a threat. She doesn’t do so well in competitions either.

For Aaryn to state that she’s out for vengeance is a complete load of crap. If she really cared about who took out her boy toy she would have tried to find out who actually went against their word and voted him out.

If Elissa gets voted out in the next episode, I will just stop watching and that’s my game plan.


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