What’s On Your Mind?


What is on my mind today? Everyday, every hour, every minute, it’s something different because my mind races with thoughts all the time. Let’s randomly talk about nothing; it tends to ease the racing.

The days have been passing by so quickly. From how fast Sundays come and go, I’m starting to appreciate each day of the week. Of course, waiting for the weekend is always one of the reasons why we count the days… until the next weekend.

I usually get to work already drained and exhausted, let alone I lack any motivation to go to work. I wake up with the thought of just get up, get it done, and it’s over before you know it. And it’s true, it’s always over before I know it. When you concentrate on time, it barely passes but when you let your mind wander, play with your phone, or get some work done, it skips a few moments and the day is already over.

Today is the first of the month and before we know it, it’ll be the end. I’ll be setting some goals for the month just to give me a reason to feel like I accomplished something by the end of the month. I try to eat as healthy as possible but I do have a weakness for chocolate and carbs (which I try to only eat during the weekends). During the week, I mostly eat fruits, veggies, nuts and lots of water and since Ramathan is coming up, my goal is to continue my eating habits without the temptations of fried foods, carbs and desserts and to also still work out. Last year, I never worked out and I ate like I’ve never seen food.

Another goal is to get more drawings done and at least one painting. I haven’t painted in months and knowing that small piece of fact, I bought an acrylic sheet notebook which I can use to paint and some new brushes. I still haven’t even touched them.

Any other goals? No, I’m not setting any high standards, just to continue to improve my lifestyle and my talent, that’s all.

Happy Canada Day, and happy first of the month 🙂


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