Pizza Pino in Downtown Dubai

I’ve never been to Italy, but I love a good ol’ pizza. You can never go wrong with a combination of dough, veggies, and cheese. I love pasta too. It was the first thing I learned to make when I was younger. I loved it so much I asked my mom for the basics and after that I grew to learn how to make my own pasta sauce.

As a picky eater, who is still trying to expand their palette, I normally eat the same types of food. This weekend, I decided to try Pizza Pino in Downtown Dubai which just opened not too long ago. I’ve seen pictures on Instagram which caught my eye and the comments suggested that the food was good. So I decided to head over and give it a try. I did Google it beforehand though and found out it’s not even an Italian company, it’s actually French! Regardless of that point, I still went with high hopes.

The tables were huge, and then I realized it’s to hold their excessively huge plates. We sat at the high table with the high chairs, which were uncomfortable because you can’t tuck in your chair and eat with relaxed manner. The interior was still beautifully done, rustic with a touch of class. Ipad minis were used for their menus, but nowadays everyone is using advanced technology in different ways, so it wasn’t a wow factor or anything like that.


We ordered pasta, pizza, and a caesar salad. I can’t remember the names of each but they were all vegetarian. I was already so hungry, so everything should have tasted delicious but all I could taste was oil. The salad was fine but caesar salads are fail-proof, except I was slightly concerned about the chicken. It was thinly sliced but seemed like it came from a package (I should have asked the waiter). The pasta was drenched in olive oil and the veggies were not well done. The pizza was also really oily and the veggies were not chopped well (yes, I think they could have done it better to ease the chewing; the same goes for the salad).

Would I eat there again? No. Pizzaro, which is down the street from Pizza Pino, has better pizza, also oily but it’s flavorful.



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