“To do something very common, in my own way.”

I stopped posting because I got bored. Not only that, I forgot my purpose of starting a blog in the first place. I wanted to record the movies that I watched and how I felt about them at that moment because, like a book, you never watch the same movie twice. Every time you watch the same movie, you are watching it as a different person with a different view. In a sense, the movie is not the same the second time around. Have you ever experienced watching a movie and loving it, but watching it a year later and realizing it wasn’t good at all?

Another reason for the blog was to excel at my writing. I can’t excel if my life revolves around work, gym, and going out. Somewhere in there I have to write besides emails and reports. With social media and messengers, we are constantly destroying our words and grammar in order to type in the fastest and shortest matter (hence the term short messaging service). 

I stopped posting because of boredom and now I’m back for the same reason. This will be again my outlet to release and stream my thoughts instead of keeping them jumbled and twisted like a Southern tornado.

Will my posts be regular? Probably not everyday, but I’ll give it a try. 


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