This Means War Review

Storyline:  Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.

Genres:   Action / Comedy / Romance

Release Date: Feb 17, 2012

My Review: The storyline is so overdone that I’m getting tired of giving chick flicks a chance. The cast didn’t seem so bad, I mean the guys do look like they would somehow be friends in real life, and Reese Witherspoon doesn’t look THAT old.

The main plot: two spies fighting for one girl. The weakness lies in the actual plot. It’s not original, and even though it’s not very creative, it’s also cheaply put together. You would think that the guys’ characters as spies would give the film a little edge, but it doesn’t. The action scenes are really weak and flawed. There is no “coolness” factor at all.  They might as well have been college boys or doctors because the focus was on the relationships and the action scenes went regrettably unnoticeable.

I think I may have chuckled once, but the movie is so bland that I can’t remember what scene it was. So if you are asking if it is at least funny, I would say no, no it’s not funny.

Is it a good chick flick? Sure, if you are bored and just want to kill time staring at two handsome guys, it’s the perfect movie 🙂

This Means War really means tastelessly boring, 5/10.


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