Ch 3 – Reruns


Besides Hunger Games, I haven’t been watching any new movies lately. Instead, I’ve been watching old movies, not old as in a classic, 80’s, or 90’s but old as in something I’ve seen plenty of times already. The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films are a couple of examples of what I’ve been watching lately. I don’t really get bored of good quality fantasy films.

The Hunger Games was the last movie I watched in the cinemas. I took my little sister who is a fan of the trilogy. I haven’t written about the Hunger Games for different reasons. One being that since it is one of the top movies in the box office, there would be plenty of reviews out there and most likely they would all be positive.

Another reason is that some people assume that because it’s number one, it’s probably a real hit, but as for me I had mixed feelings about the movie. When it comes to books with themes deriving from a post-apocalyptic idea,  the book will always be more powerful than when it’s formed into a film. Obviously the story has to be condensed in order to fit the typical 2-2.5hr time frame, and that is where you lose many aspects of the story. Not only that, towards the end you just start looking at the time wondering when it’ll be over.

Watching movie reruns is as satisfying as watching a new movie at the theaters. There are so many movies out there that are worth watching couple times over, and then there are movies that you either watch only once or regret even watching it. But with reruns comes overkill. Don’t watch movies over and over again within a short time frame, it will leave a lasting imprint which isn’t always a positive thing.




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