Chapter 2: Oh the chills

It’s cold outside. I don’t know why people are complaining. When you’ve lived through the Great Ice Storm of ’98, then come talk to me. This is like a November breeze, all we’re missing is beautiful, orange and red maple leaves blowing through the wind. Hail storms, freezing rain, icey roads, that’s something to complain about.

I hate summer. It’s so overrated. The only good thing about summer is the beach. The word summer has a nostalgic flavor, it represents “no school”. That’s what we used to look forward to when it came to summer, the end of the school year. Now that I have overcome the era of education, I have reached a point where summer means beach, humidity, mosquitos, scorching heat, and more heat. People who vacation in warm climates enjoy summer so much only because they don’t live here,  meaning they can endure the heat temporarily. People from hot climates enjoy summer because they vacation in less heated climates. Who likes a sweaty walk along the beach, better yet, who can stand outside for more than 5 minutes in 40 + weather? So, I will go ahead and generalize by stating summer is detested by all. You can always add more layers in the winter to keep warm, but even if you stripped down to skin and bones you will still be hot as hell during the summer.

To see the cleansing of the earth on a rainy day, it was once a refreshing sight but I used to loathe rainy days. Everything was wet, damp and soggy. Thunder and lightening were a sight to see and hear. I miss those days and when I see rain now, I smile and appreciate every drop. The sky might be crying, but the earth is thirsty.

All in all, I rather a stormy winter than a hot summer day in August. Summer blackout of 2003; wait, what, no ice cream? *sigh* Stop the complaints and throw on a sweater because I love winter and I hope it lasts forever.

P.S. I love movies with winter as the season i.e. Fargo, The Shining, Home Alone, Alive…


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