Chapter 1- Confessions of a Movie-holic

People resort to different things in order to attain a sort of peace of mind, or a slight sense of forgetting reality and entering another realm, I resort to movies. Movies have always been a place where I can go to escape the many fragments that are entailed in life. The pressure, the stress, the anxiety that comes along with family, work, friends and society, it can all take a toll on a person’s sanity. Nobody really lives a perfect life, maybe a positive outlook in life with positive methods adapted, but not perfect. Some of us don’t always handle the pressures of life so well, some of us do. Like water boiling in a kettle, eventually the steam from the pressure has to come out. One must choose a method of how to relieve the pressures or you’re going to end up with one empty, burnt kettle.

As a child, my imagination took me to many places, in my head. Fairytale stories, fantasy books, and Disney movies, they all had an impact on exercising my imagination. As years passed, I found my love for art. This allowed me to transfer my thoughts and turn them into reality, on a piece of paper. I realized it was more than a love, but a natural talent, that put me in a classification with a selected few. Realizing that this just came naturally to me, I didn’t gloat or self-appraise, I merely embraced it as a happy medium. I put my talent onto paper, canvas, people’s faces, my wall, wherever I could, I used my talent.

More years were added to my length of existence and I put my talent in the passenger seat so that I could proceed with the so-called important things in life, other-wise known as university. During my four, long years in university, I can’t recall drawing anything but a couple of pictures. I may have done my usual doodling during lectures, but I considered that a way to pass the time. It wasn’t until I moved half way across the ocean that I decided to revive what I once saw as a meaningful channel to happiness.

I may have stopped drawing and painting for a long time but I found art in many other things. The art in writing, cooking, decorating, but with art comes criticism. I am my biggest critic, this is what I learned from my art. I’ve learned how to make judgment in life, in things and in people. Analyzing the meaning of literature & politics was what I learned in university, and with that, I was able to further establish judgments with a supportive basis.

In movies I found art, I also found room for criticism. The way it was directed, the selected cast, the beauty in every scene. That is why I prefer to watch movies made with quality, not made specifically to target the mainstream culture in order to make a profit. I have a natural habit of analyzing a movie as I am watching it, like I’m programmed to dissect ever bit of the movie in order to understand its concept. But, watching movies is not always about just analyzing. It takes me away from my surroundings for an hour or two. It is something I found as another medium.


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