Abduction Review

Release date: Sept 23, 2011
Genre: Action/ Mystery / Suspence

Summary: For as long as he can remember, Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) has had the uneasy feeling that he’s living someone else’s life. When he stumbles upon an image of himself as a little boy on a missing persons website, all of Nathan’s darkest fears come true: he realizes his parents are not his own and his life is a lie, carefully fabricated to hide something more mysterious and dangerous than he could have ever imagined. Just as he begins to piece together his true identity, Nathan is targeted by a team of trained killers, forcing him on the run with the only person he can trust, his neighbor, Karen (Lily Collins). Every second counts as Nathan and Karen race to evade an army of assassins and federal operatives. But as his opponents close in, Nathan realizes that the only way he’ll survive and solve the mystery of his elusive biological father is to stop running and take matters into his own hands.

My Review: Should I laugh or cry? I’m all for team Jacob, but I couldn’t understand what was making the movie so bad. Taylor Lautner wasn’t that bad, but I don’t know if he’s ready for a lead role. You also have Sigourney Weaver who has like 5 lines, maybe to enhance the creditability of the movie. And then you have the director, John Singleton, who has done some good movies and some bad movies. So where is the flop?

It’s a teen-bopper flick…I don’t know who else would enjoy this movie other than 13-year old little girls. It’s such a total fail that I can’t even give it a rating.


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