Towa no Quon Review

Towa no Quon: a 2011 Japanese animated supernatural film series directed by Umanosuke Iida. The first film in the series was released in theaters on June 18, 2011.

Plot: The story follows a boy named Quon and others who suddenly wake up with supernatural powers. In a futuristic Tokyo, unique human beings who have awakened distinct powers are being hunted by a secret organization named Kestos. Denominated as Attracters, these exceptional humans are joining forces to defend themselves. They are led by an idealist named Quon who is determined to save all Attracters he can.

My Comments: The movie doesn’t waste any time, action starts off right away in this movie. It’s like the Japanese version of X-men, so already I like the story line even though it’s nothing new. The animation style is also nothing new, typical cliches are evident in the movie – bright, sunny, colorful = mutants and then you have dark, grey, dimmed = “bad guys”.  None of the characters really stood out other than the main character Quon but it’s still too early to judge the series. There’s still another six parts, and I have no idea when they are supposed to be released (I thought it was monthly series :$). Even though I didn’t feel there was nothing original about the movie, I’ll definitely be looking out for the rest of the series.

Entertainingly enough, I rate it 7/10.


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