90’s Flashback – JTT

Better known as J.T.T., even though he hated the nickname, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was probably best known as Randy Taylor from Home Improvement  and the voice of young Simba from The Lion King.

Looking back at it now, I don’t know why I used to watch Home Improvement all the time. I guess it was just in my after school TV show line up. But seeing the below picture from their recent reunion is nostalgic….This was taken & tweeted by Patricia Richardson, who was then later forced to take it down ;$

Back in the 90’s, JTT starred in movies like Man of the House, Tom & Huck, and Wild America. He was also in a lot of TV movies, but who can even remember those. He had some guest appearances in tv shows like 8 Simple Rules and Veronica Mars.  In the 90’s JTT was probably one of the biggest teen heartthrobs, so where is he now? Well he took a break from Hollywood and studied in Harvard University, spent his third year in Scotland and finally graduated from Columbia University last year.  He now also goes by his birth name, Jonathan Taylor Weiss, and is planning to get back into acting & directing. He sure looks different now, I wonder if he will still be considered a heartthrob? +_O


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