The Beaver Review

The Beaver is directed and co-starred by Jodie Foster as Meredith Black, and stars Mel Gibson as Walter Black. It’s a story about a man in deep depression to the point where he tries to commit suicide until he is stopped by a beaver puppet. At this point it might be awkward seeing a beaver takeover the movie, but the beaver represents Walter’s alter ego or the demons inside him.

Anybody who’s ever been through depression in one point of their life would kind of relate or understand the elements in this movie. But it’s a little extreme for some people to digest, after all, its a talking puppet controlling a grown man. And especially at the end when Walter decides he’s done with the puppet, he cuts off his hand. Now that’s really detaching yourself from your alter ego in the literal sense.

I like the fact that it’s different. It’s an unusual story highlighting the dangers of mental illness to one’s self and to the people around. And you can feel the emotions portrayed in the movie, I guess that’s called good acting.

I don’t think this movie will please everyone, but it’s sad, ridiculous, enjoyable, depressing, all in one. I rate it 7/10



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