Cowboys & Aliens Review

Can you say lame…

Seriously I’m a big fan of westerns but this was just a bad mash up of western & sci-fi. It couldn’t have been any worse. Gorilla-like aliens snatching humans on a insect looking flying machine, and stealing gold, huh?

I was losing focus throughout the film. In the beginning of the movie, it started off with the typical cowboy cliches. Small, dirty western town ruled by Mr. Big Boss, Harrison Ford. Then Mr. Bad Boy, Daniel Craig, who can’t remember anything, shows up in town and stirs up some drama.  Mr. Bad Boy can’t even remember his name, has no idea how he landed in the desert and why he has a metal bracelet locked onto his wrist. As the ruckus beings with the introductions, the sky is lit by shining lights beaming from a flock of alien spaceships. Then the aliens start snatching bodies, God knows for what, and the remaining town members decide to get them bodies back, and yes lets keep tumbling down the hill…

It’s not like sci-fis are believable but they somehow manage to create is so that it makes some sense.  This movie made no sense whatsoever. It was an idea that didn’t present itself very well.

When it comes to summer movies, oscar worthy or not, they’re always trying to come out with a bang. This movie would have been better off as a comedic feature  or even a cartoon. No bang here, I rate it 5/10.


One thought on “Cowboys & Aliens Review

  1. Feels like a flick that was poked, tweaked, reformatted and re-edited at least a dozen times. But there is still some deal of fun to be had here, this just shouldn’t have taken itself so seriously. Good Review!

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