Attack the Block Review

Not long ago I posted the trailer for this British movie, Attack the Block, and I couldn’t wait to watch it.

Released this weekend, the “aliens-invade-the-hood” thriller surpasses the typical science-fiction movie with ongoing action and genuinely funny moments. It reminded me of Super 8, but this movie was waaaaaay better. It’s not only action-packed and funny, but also touches on social issues.

The plot is simple. An alien falls out of the sky while a group of hood rat kids are in the middle of mugging a lady. They end up beating the alien which unraveled the upcoming events. More aliens drop from the sky and a battle in the block begins. The best part is that these kids are not afraid to fight back.

It’s a low-budget movie with an unknown cast, and if you can see past the ugly looking aliens, this movie is awesomely well done and well worth it.  I rate it 8.5/10





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