The Hobby of Collecting..

I was running errands at MCC yesterday and passed by the Collectors Exhibition. Thought it was interesting so I took a few, quick snaps. The collections feature cars, snow globes, mugs, and other interesting stuff.

Apparently there’s an Australian show called The Collectors which is an informative program that explores the art of collecting. The art of collecting is an old practice that dates back to the Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty (they were actually Greek – you know like Cleopatra & Alexander, etc.). There’s alot that goes into the practice and you have to know how to build a collection. Conventions and exhibitions are one way of learning because it provides potential collectors an idea of the type of items to look for.

It was nice seeing all those items showcased above and it was interesting to see that some of the collectors were as young as 12. Maybe I’ll revisit the exhibition, even though it was small I still would like to take a look again.

Now I have the urge to collect something…Maybe I’ll start collecting snow globes or keychains from around the world.. that would be nice 🙂



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