Working On Being Healthy

Work, social, and family commitments can cause a heavy schedule that doesn’t fit proper, healthy meals into your diet. I probably have one of the worst diets. I weigh 48kg but that doesn’t mean I’m healthy. I can never seem to stick to a proper plan because of my hectic schedule. I try to follow health tips as much as possible. I’m consistently checking different websites for quick and healthy recipes. “Grab and go” choices are often high in fat or sugar – yeah, I have a lot of chocolate bar meals >.<

My schedule is not the only problem, I’m also one, big, picky eater…no milk, no tomatoes, no creamy main dishes, no meat, no chicken, no fried fish, only baked (and in small portions), annnnd the list goes on… I’m also not big on fast food, it always sounds good when I’m hungry but, once I’m done eating, I feel nauseous.

I bombarded the Diet Ninja with questions on twitter (he never fails to reply) and from his many tips, I’ve learned that I should be eating proper foods in a set time frame (don’t go working out if you haven’t eaten anything for more than 6 hours :S). I’ve tried to adapt a three-meal plan into my schedule, whereas before I barely ate anything for lunch and I would end up going to the gym exhausted and weak.

Let’s face it, when it comes to healthy vs chocolate, who wouldn’t choose chocolate? But atleast I’m trying to put some effort, I just try to outweigh the balance with 85% healthy, ok that’s a white lie,  70% healthy and 30% randomly not healthy. Following Eat This, Not That on Twitter is always useful – it’s like constant reminders on what to eat and what not to eat 😀

My favorite and easiest recipe for a quick dinner is chickpeas + yogurt. Chickpeas: Carbs + Fiber, why not? Simple, quick, easy, and healthy… I love food, but not all foods, and not all healthy foods – but if you don’t have your health, you’ve got nothing. That’s why I’m working on it…

A prime example of what I’m going to stop eating, again a lie. Let me rephrase, an example of what I will be reducing *tear*:


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