Transformers 3 … My 2 Cents

I know I’m way beyond late, but I was waiting for the hype to go down before I watched it…

I went in knowing that Megan Fox was replaced by a blonde chick and that the movie was 2.5 hours long… Ok, only minor cons  – so I thought,…

Unfortunately, these were not minor, more like slap-in-the-face-twice major…

So here’s my 2 cents about Transformers 3 – It sucked… First movie was funny and enjoyable. Second movie, I can barely remember it. Third movie, I’m trying to forget I ever watched it.

They tried to stuff the movie with so much crap that the result was just plain crap. And what’s up with the new girl! Michael Bay, are you serious? I couldn’t get past her over-sized lips, and I kept wondering how she was running around in heels !? And just when you thought Shia Labeouf’s character couldn’t get any lamer, it gets LAMER…

I’m just going to stop writing (or thinking) about this film, it gets my blood pressure up.

I’m so disappointed that I can even put a decent number out of 10 for this one.



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