Jumping the Broom

Jumping the Broom is about two families from two different social classes who are getting together for a wedding. The title is derived from the tradition of ending a wedding ceremony by jumping over a broomstick, a African-American practice that dates back to at least the 19th century.

The movie stars Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Paula Patton and Laz Alonso. It’s a mix of drama & comedy. The two families clash and bring out an overall picture of the notion of the term “in-laws”. Whether you have in-laws or not, the general perception is a common one: in-laws never get along. Along with the in-laws tension, each family has their own drama to deal with.

I found this movie mildly funny, a little bit exaggerated, and a time killer. Paula Patton is beautiful, but her acting in the movie was a little much. Tasha Smith and Mike Epps made the movie for me… They were funny…but Romeo’s, who is all grown up now, attraction to Tasha’s character was a little over the top…come on seriously?

I rate this movie 5.5/10


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