13 Assassins Review…

13 Assassins is a 2010 Japanese samurai film. It’s based on true events during Feudal Japan where a young Lord Naritsugu is acting above the law, raping and murdering as he pleases. The situation becomes more dangerous when the young Lord is in prospects of rising in political status. An assassination plan is put in place and top samurais are recruited for the plan.

The movie starts off with a disturbing scene, someone commits suicide and this begins the plot. The theme of the movie is simple: corrupt politics ignites an assassination attempt to prevent further corruption. During that time, the role of the samurai has decreased  so it’s difficult to find talented samurai. The selected samurai plan and strategize the perfect operation to bring down the ruthless Lord Naritsugu, however, they are stunned to receive an army of 200 soldiers riding with the Lord. This does not break their spirits or demotivate them, and the carry out their plan which leads to the longest sword-fighting I’ve ever seen.

This movie is incredibly entertaining. The storyline gracefully sucks in the audience as it starts out with formulating the negative image of the Lord and the honorable position of the samurai. It’s action packed, excellent swordsmanship, and plenty of blood.

I rate 13 Assassins 9.5/10.


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