Hanna Review

The 2011 action thriller, Hanna, stars Saoirse Ronan as the lead character along side Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett.

Saoirse made her imprint in my memory from her performance in Atonement, which was remarkable (the movie & her acting) and landed her an Oscar nomination. She was also in Lovely Bones, another great performance (and movie!). So, I started this movie knowing the movie had a couple of strong actors.

The movie started out with Hanna and her father in the middle of nowhere and from the beginning you get the picture of Hanna having been secluded from society, never had any contact with people other than her dad, and her curiosity seems to be taking over.

She finally feels that she is ready to go into society, implying ready to do what she had been trained to do. At this point, it’s not clear what their motive is, only that there is someone out there after them so they have to kill that person first. You can feel her determination and sense her strength, Saoirse performance was remarkable, I was very drawn to her character. The movie in general just kept me glued. Some of the editing was a little awkward – and at times the music was annoying +_O

And there are some parts that are hard to believe – the part where she jumps out of the man hole and attaches her self to the bottom of the car while its speeding… but then again she’s supposedly this abnormal human being designed to be a great assassin.

As the movie progresses, you slowly start to understand what’s going on, everything is given in small doses and it all comes together at the end. This movie reminded me of a mix of 1994’s The professional, Kill Bill, and some Kick-Ass.

The performances by all the characters were great and I definitely recommend it.

Hanna scores 9/10.


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