Paul Bettany plays the lead role in Priest which centers around a world where the war between humans and vampires in the post-apocalyptic world is about to be resurfaced.  The movie is based on a Korean comic series.

The Priests were an elite group of warriors, created by the Church, who had the ability to slay vampires. The vampires are not the typical vampires we’re familiar seeing, they look more like monsters than vampires.

The Priests helped end the war, where the majority of the vampires were killed and anything else was put in a secluded reservation. The Church then disbanded the group of warriors, separating them, and allowing them to live amongst them in the cities. Once regarded as heros, they are now outcasts. The story begins right away, when the Priest’s niece is kidnapped by a vampire and he goes out to find her.

My thoughts:

– The movie is slow paced – but the action scenes make up for it

– The action scenes are great, but come on they’re still humans so when someone falls from a speeding train I would expect them to be a little more injured, not getting up right away as if it was nothing.

– There are some missing links or some unanswered questions, I guess they couldn’t fit everything in an hour and 27 minutes.

– The Church was portrayed as having a negative image, ruling the cities as an oligarchy – and the repetition of their slogan -“To go against the Church is to go against God” – backs up their oligarchy rule and signifies how propaganda is used as a form of control.

– Am I the only one getting tired of vampire movies?

– Paul Bettany’s performance kept this movie going for me.

I find post-apocalyptic films very interesting but they are not very well made. I don’t blame Priest because it was based on a comic and that’s why it is more animated, but sometimes I wish they would support the idea more by making it more realistic. The best post-aocalyptic movie I’ve ever seen is Waterworld.  

I didn’t watch it in 3D because 3D gives me a headache +_O but I rate this movie 6.5/10.


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