Smoking Ads: how times have changed

Yesterday, the World recognized No Tobacco Day. It’s funny how times have changed. Back in the 50’s, it was very common to see ads promoting smoking whereas now, it’s the total opposite. The old ads look silly now, and makes you wonder if people really believed the crap they were told- “throat protection”..seriously?

Today, every cigarette box is required to have warning labels on the health effects of smoking. When it comes to tobacco, there’s more truth implemented as if tobacco companies know telling the truth still sells. Some boxes have effective anti-smoking pictures and mini-ads. I knew some people who would specify box of cigarettes with no images or less disturbing ads because some images were too harsh to bare every time they pulled out a cigarette.

Ads have changed dramatically though. It’s more towards branding than trying to sell cigarettes. You don’t see very much of the Marlbolo man anymore, today Marlboro tries to maintain using their red and white logo only. Like in the billboard below, there are no signs of smoking or cigarettes, even the pack is closed.

Same thing with Camel, their ads went from putting an emphasis on the act of smoking to just using their signature camel with no signs of smoking or cigarettes in the ad.

A sign from 1915…




We need more effective ads, I think they do help to influence some people’s decision to quit. And it also serves as a reminder to non-smokers who are tempted to even start smoking…Think again!


On a side note, raising cigarette prices only benefits the tobacco companies & governments…Slapping a high price on a pack of cigarettes is not a solution to cut down the number of smokers…I think it takes more than that for someone to quit.

Your lungs can recover if you quit soon enough, so it’s never too late to quit.






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