Masdar City: City of the Future

Masdar City, a planned ecocity being built by AD Future Energy Company designed by the British Foster + Partners, will attempt to function solely on solar & renewable energy in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

But the concept design goes above and literally reminds me of a set from a movie scene or something I would imagine in a book (especially utopian/dystopian type stories).

Holding up to their name and stature, Abu Dhabi will be home to Masdar City, a 6 square kilometres (2.3 sq mi) lot close to AD airport. It will be home to 45,000 to 50,000 people and 1,500 businesses, primarily commercial and manufacturing facilities specialising in environmentally friendly products, and more than 60,000 workers are expected to commute to the city daily. A mixed complex – residential & commercial – the headquarters will be the first building completed as part of phase one of the city.

I can’t even imagine a city, a very hot one, with no cars. To travel around the city, you will have to use public mass transit or personal rapid transit, driverless electric vehicles which can accommodate up to 4 passengers. Existing roads and railways connecting to other locations outside the city will still be accessible. Other than travel methods, I would be concerned about the heat – how are we going to keep cool during August’s hot summers? Apparently the streets are shaded and cooled by a huge wind tower.

The renewable power resources will include – solar power plant,  wind farms, geothermal power, and in production will be a hydrogen power plant. Waste reduction and reusing water will also play a big role in this eco-friendly city. In order to be the eco-friendly city it claims to be, they have implemented “green policeman” to monitor the residents energy use. The ~$20 billion dollar
project seems too good to be true, it initially started in 2006 and the first phase has been supposedly completed in 2009.

A worthwhile investment, maybe there is hope for future generations after all.

Taker a deeper look & a resident’s comments at the Guardian

Pictures are courtesy of Masdar City & the Guardian


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