I Am Number Four

I know I’m a little late but I just watched “I Am Number Four” and I thought it was awesome. It might have started a little slow, but I think by not rushing into the storyline so quickly, I was still interested and tuned in to find out what is going on and who John Smith was.

I don’t know why people keep making teen movies where the teens playing the roles don’t even look like high school students. Either I’m getting old and I forgot what high school was about or directors keep casting older people for teenage roles. Maybe it’s time to move from the high school scene to the college scene?

Like alot of movies these days, I Am Number Four is based on a novel by Jobie Hughes and James Frey. The main character John Smith, played by Alex Pettyfer (who was also in Beastly), is an alien who escaped an invasion on his planet along with 8 other kids and they have been hiding on Earth from the invaders who are trying to kill them.

Why did I think this movie was awesome? I’m a sucker for super hero & comic-based movies (& western flicks) so this movie was a little more than another high school flick. The fighting scene towards the end had me wanting more, too bad it ended without a conclusion so obviously gotta wait till part 2 comes out. There were some parts of the film where I didn’t understand and were a bit unrealistic but then again it’s a sci-fi movie, things don’t have to be realistic.

I rate this movie 7.5/10




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