Texas Roadhouse opening soon in Dubai Mall

Texas Roadhouse, an American chain restaurant based in Kentucky, signed it’s first international deal with ALSHAYA where they plan to open 35 restaurants across the Gulf during the next 10 years.

The first restaurant will be opened in Dubai Mall this year. I saw the hoarding today on the bottom floor across from the organic supermarket, it’s also close to where Red Lobster will be opening.

Update: Both Texas Roadhouse & Red Lobster have opened and they seem to be a big hit. TexasRoadhouse had a good atmosphere, the food was good but a bit on the heavy side, but overall I enjoyed it.


One thought on “Texas Roadhouse opening soon in Dubai Mall

  1. As a Texan and one who enjoys the Texas Roadhouse in Fort Worth, Beach and 820, I just ate with some friends at the Texas Roadhouse in Dubai!

    It is so nice to feel a little bit of home over here. Thank you.

    It was also, very great to meet some people from Texas and around the U.S. running the restaurant!

    I will be back and so will the international crowd of friends I have over here!

    Todd from Fort Worth, Texas

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