Your modern version of Beauty and the Beast, Beastly is based on a book by Alex Flinn and stars Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer. The movie is about a wealthy, conceited high school student who is cursed by a witch when he tries to make her look like a fool…don’t mess with Mary Kate…The spell disfigures his body and face and gives him one year to find someone to love him or the spell will never be broken.

I did kinda watch this movie because I knew Mary Kate Olsen would be in it. I liked her character as the weird, gothic witch, I think she played it very well and she looked good doing it too. As for the other two, for some reason Vanessa Hudgens character was kind of annoying, and the acting from both was mediocre. A teen flick at its best, it could have been a little better. Vanessa Hudgens’ character was kind of cheesy, walking and singing and laughing to herself in a dark alley, come on, if it were me I would be speed walking my way through even if I’ve been through that dark street everyday of my life. And what about Kyle, the so-called beast, whats up with him stalking her to the point where he demands he protects her.

I watched Beauty and the Beast, just by chance, before watching Beastly so I found the resemblance right away:

-witch casts a spell on a handsome yet arrogant boy when he embarrasses her (even though it didn’t look like she was embarrassed)

-needs to find love in order to break the spell

-tattoo on his arm changes with time (like the rose dying with time)

-the teacher & the nanny (don’t want to call her a maid) with problems that could be solved with the witch if he succeeds ( all the help in the castle are transformed back to their selves when the curse is broken)

– druggy father — crazy father

-Vanessa is a book nerd – so is Belle…

So pretty much it is like watching Beauty & the Beast come to life like how it was done in Enchanted.

….Overall, it was a good movie and I give it 7/10.


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