The Princesses and the Frog…

Not referring to the Disney movie, episode 20 of Gossip Girl was all about Queen B and her prince…. Only couple episodes left!

Let’s recap:

In the midst of Blair’s dreams unfolding, Serena continues to prove what a bad friend she is to Blair. She tries to jeopardize Blair’s future by bringing her relationship to the attention of the Prince’s mother, and then again by bringing up her past. Serena’s actions, whether its out of jealousy or spite, makes me dislike her more and more…Why can’t she just be happy for Blair, and I agree with Blair that Serena thinks the world revolves around her >.<

So after Blair’s hard work trying to impress the Prince’s mom, Chuck shows up unannounced drunk and ready to take back Blair. A little late don’t ya think? Chuck not only makes a fool out of himself, but also humiliates Blair in front of all the royal guests. Ashamed, she quickly leaves the party.

On the sidelines, you have Charlie, Dan, and Vanessa…since when was Dan a chick magnet, or is it just normal on GG to circulate. I’m still waiting for their story to evolve, currently it’s still a bore to me.

Oh ya, and then there’s Nate, who is torn between his relationship with Raina and the truth he must keep hidden out of loyalty to Chuck.Note to Nate: you’ve known Raina for a hot minute, but you’ve known Chuck you’re whole life, a true friend would still stand by his friend regardless of what he’s done.

In conclusion of the episode, Blair casts Serena out, gets engaged to the Prince, and is almost hit by drunk Chuck.


2 thoughts on “The Princesses and the Frog…

  1. i’m so over this show.

    i really really hate serena’s character (and the actress il jaikara, both are overrated).. can’t anyone remind her that blair only kissed her “Ex”, while she slept with blair’s love of her life (nate)?

    bring back juliet!

    1. I luv the show bs i’m getting tired of where the story is going…and Serena is just getting annoying, she needs to go fly to mexico and stay there for awhile..

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