Gossip Girl – Petty in Pink

Recovering from last weeks unimpressive episode, “Petty in Pink” goes back to the circulating drama we’re familiar with on GG.

The episode seemed like it was trying to focus on Lily and her house arrest sentencing, but again my interests are always in the Blair/Dan affair. They’re just more entertaining.

Recap of last week: Prince just arrived in the city; Vanessa voice-mailed Serena about the kiss; Charlie is sticking around; Lily possibly going to jail; Raina wants to look for her mom…


Since the Prince is in town to see Blair, Dan gets involved when he is hired to do a little reporting/spying on the Prince. Stalking the Prince eventually leads to a twist-and-turning of events… Serena’s suspicions of her friends causes her and her cousin Charlie, to go on a hunt where mainly Charlie is doing the hunting, aka stalking, and from there we get the Prince + Dan + Blair scheme which leads to a GG blast and more drama unfolding.

Of course, everything has to unfold in front of everyone at some upper-eastsider event. So Dan & Blair are pretending to be a couple just so that the Prince can stay in NY (come on he’s the prince, does he really need to convince anyone where he can go), and its very predictable what will happen next – Serena finds out, stops talking to both of them…typical +_O

The party-people get kicked out when Lily violates her restrictions on purpose..nice move, I got admit it was funny.

Dan confirms that he is no longer friends with Vanessa … total people banned: 2, Jenny & Vanessa.

Oh wait, I’m forgetting Chuck/Raina/Nate… *yawn*

My overall comments–> GG writers, you need to step it up a notch. Serena, annoying, Vanessa, annoying, Raina/Nate, useless, Chuck, losing his mojo, new girl Charlie, annoying, Lily, boring, Dan/Blair, i need more scheming…


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