90’s Flashback…Ren & Stimpy

Back in the 90’s, I think everybody watched Ren & Stimpy. An American show created by a Canadian animator, the show centered around Ren, a chihuahua, and Stimpson also known as Stimpy, a cat.

The show started in 1991 and ran for 5 seasons on Nickelodeon. Looking back at it now, half the themes and jokes presented in the show goes far beyond the comprehension of a young teen to understand. I can watch Ren & Stimpy now and find it funny, but I can’t understand how I used to watch it back then in my early teenage years, and so I realized this show is not suitable for children, but we watched anyway….I guess its like how back in the 90’s, people were just learning that second-hand smoke is dangerous.


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