Gossip Girl – The come back…

Finally, after a long wait, GG returns. April 18 was the first episode of 5 all new episodes remaining of GG (yes I know, I’m a little late writing about it).

First, I think the writers were trying really hard to come back with a bang. #FAIL.

Second, I totally lost focus with all the drama with Serena, her cousin, her mom, etc. etc….My main focus was Chuck, Blair, and Dan drama which was less intense as it was portrayed in the preview.

Points to recall:

  • A new addition, Charlie, Serena’s cousin will be joining the cast (possible drama with a former stalker, and potential relations with Dan)
  • Blair/Dan/Chuck drama takes a turn when Blair’s true feelings are expressed
  • Raina, yes she’s still in the show, is questioning the truth about her mom (drama with Chuck soon to be evolved)
  • Vanessa, the meddler, still tryna cause drama between Dan and Serena (get over it)
  • The Prince is back (yay, I kinda liked him)
  • Lily possibly going to prison (no one cares)
My overall conclusion: I’m waiting for the next episode to recover my disappointment from this episode…


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