Note to Self: Take your own advice!

Why is it easy to give advice to others on life, relationships, and everything else…but when it comes to your own situations, you dont take your own advice, and in some circumstances, hardly take the advice of others…

“It is a good divine that follows his own instructions” ~William Shakespeare

As for myself, I give people loads of advice, they ask and I give…Health advice – eat this, dont eat that…weight loss tips…relationships.. he said, she said…. family issues… the list goes on and I am no expert in any of those fields but Im still throwing advice at people (ONLY when they ask, I dont lecture people).

It feels a bit hypocritical, that I give advice and in similar situations I can’t take my own advice. I know its easier to give than to receive, but why is it so hard to follow your own so-called wisdom?

Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself”  ~Cicero


2 thoughts on “Note to Self: Take your own advice!

  1. maybe becuase you are the one under stress this time. when giving an advice. ur own mind is clear and u can easily find the right advice to give.
    but when u r under the stress itself, ur vision gets a bit cloudy with all the wisdom u have in ur head.
    trust urself. believe in urself. and try to clear ur mind. then u will find the right path as u make ppl find it. and actually follow it.

    1. I think denial also plays a part… Sometimes I just dont wana believe in wat people are telling me, even if I kno its right… :S

      but you’re right, it should start from within…I will constantly repeat to myself “trust urself. believe in urself. and try to clear ur mind.”

      Thanks for the advice 😉

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