Sundays…me no like…


I never liked Sundays because:

  • it is the first day of the week…meaning the weekend is over…
  • its slow and boring
  • back home, everything closed at 6pm +_O
  • here, its a work day, so no sleeping in and wakey wakey early
  • the lack of sleep from the weekend results in a migraine on Sunday mornings…
  • you get to see the annoying faces that you try to get away from all week…wanasah -__-
  • It’s demotivating…cos its so far away from the following Thursday
  • Sounds like “someday” as if it’s giving me some kind of hope…
  • any month that starts with a Sunday will have a “Friday the 13th”

Mmmm k fine maybe I dont have a lot of reasons to hate Sundays, I just hope the week moves quickly…




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