Naruto Manga 531

I am officially addicted to the manga (read it on mangareader)…I’m trying not to read to fast because I don’t want to be waiting weekly for a couple set of pages..I’m on 531, where Asuma fights his team, and the current one is 533 so I’m almost up to date…I also started reading One Piece…It’s way better than the anime, and I know I got along way to go but atleast it’ll be enough to keep me busy while waiting for Naruto manga chapters to be released…


3 thoughts on “Naruto Manga 531

  1. I really have to catch up with Naruto and Bleach! Not the Manga but the Anime! I’m watching a few other Animnes right now which are entertaining!

    1. which ones? im fully updated on Bleach anime, not the manga (i hear its going nowhere now) and Naruto anime & manga (but reading the manga is like watching a year in advance of shows)
      Im pushing myself with One Piece… i duno I think its ok bs not addictive O_+

      1. I highly recommend that you watch Lelouch Rebellion! That is amazing! Also Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood! Also Blood Trinity is pretty good!

        There are so much good anime out there and not enough time!

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