90’s Flashback…Moesha

Moesha starred R&B singer Brandy as Moesha Mitchell, a high school student living with her family in LA. From Moesha’s view, the audience takes a look inside her life with her family and friends. The show usually covers family issues and adulthood.

Just an overview, after the death of his wife, Moesha’s dad remarries, to none other than her high school principal..Brandy’s co-stars include the hilarious Countess Vaughn who plays her besty, Kimberly,  and Star Jackson who plays as the third in their triangle of friends as Niecy Jackson, the boy chaser. Lamont Bently as Haikeem Cambell the boy next door & one of Moesha’s friends who spends his time usually eating the Mitchells’ food.  Yevette Wilson, who has the role of Moesha’s older friend Andell, owns the local eatery and bookclub/partyhouse where alot of there settings such as parties takes place. This is also where Moesha meets her first love,Q who is also known as Fredro Starr, Q is the Manager & owner of the Bombae, another local club for teens.

Later on in the show,  Ray-J Norwood & Brandy’s real-life brother plays Dorian Long.  Supposedly he’s Moesha’s Cousin,UNTIL Frank confesses that he cheated on his original wife (Moesha’s biological mother) and Dorian is his son and the children’s half brother. Then Haikeem and Moesha hook up when Q returns! Countess vaughn was no longer apart of the hit series at this time ( She had started with The Parkers).

The show aired from January 23, 1996 to May 14, 2001.





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