A dead-beat writer gets his hands on an experimental drug that allows him to use 100% of his thoughts and takes being efficient to a whole another level. As the previous nobody rises to the the surface of the financial world, he draws the interest of business mogul Carl Truck Loon (Robert De Niro), who sees this particular enhanced version of Eddie since the tool to help to make billions. He uses the drug everyday, double doses sometimes to enhance his efficiency even more, which causes major side effects. The brutal, unwanted effects jeopardize his newly-found talent. When he begins to wonder what is happening to him, he begins to try to do some research and finds that other people who were using the same drug were either dead or sick. The drug dealers finally find him and of course put a hit on him (he stole a bag full of drugs).

The movie was average, not as great as it seems in the trailer. There are somethings I didn’t understand…He went from 100,000USD to 2.5million in ten days, so why not pay back the loan shark? And the bag of pills, how come it seems like he has an endless supply? And even after he finds out that its bad & lethal, he still uses it. And at the end, the guy who was trying to kill him and his gf lets him take the remaining pills after the boss dies? Huh…what about the ending…+_O

My rating: 7/10 … it wasn’t that the acting was bad, Bradley Cooper was actually great, but its the movie playing it safe.

I wish I could learn languages in a day like him…

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