90’s flashback…Step by Step

A 90’s TGIF show, “Step By Step”  was a modern day “Brady Bunch,” consisting of two families coming together as one. It ran from 1991-1998 for 7 seasons.

The show lasted for seven seasons, and the main cast changed as the storyline progressed. Cody, who Dana liked even less than she did J.T., left Port Washington in 1996 to travel the world. This was done because series star Sasha Mitchell (a regular appearance since the first season), was forced out following allegations of domestic violence; he was later acquitted of those allegations. Apparently he beat his wife…or she beat him and lied about it to sell to the tabloids…

The show’s biggest change came in 1995, when Carol announced she was pregnant. In the 1994–1995 season finale, she gave birth to Lilly, the only child to take both the “Foster” and “Lambert” surnames. Like many other sitcom babies, Lilly (Emily Mae Young, 1997-98) was suddenly aged five years after one season as an infant (Kristina & Lauren Meyering, 1995-96). In 1997, J.T.’s friend Rich Halke (Jason Marsden, who became a permanent fixture in the opening credits) moved in with the family after becoming Dana’s boyfriend; also during that time, Al took a serious interest in acting.

Josh Byrne (Brendan Lambert) appeared less and less as the show progressed (especially after Lilly’s birth). When the show moved from ABC to CBS, his character disappeared and his absence was never explained. The series’ producers later admitted in a TV Guide interview that despite his absence, the Lamberts would still refer to their “seven children.”



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