Bleach 312…more fillers

I usually hate watching fillers, but knowing that the Arrancar Saga is over, fillers are what to be expected for awhile until a new saga arises. So I watched episode 312 and I guess I can handle watching fillers while I wait. This filler was about Omaeda from Squad 2, who unintentionally saves a boy’s life from a Hollow and then lies and says he is the captain of Squad 2 and then he has to maintain that lie among his fellow soul reapers when the boy comes to visit. It was quite funny, especially when the actual Captain of Squad 2 had to follow orders from him infront of the little boys but once his true position was revealed she gave him this look:

I don’t know exactly where they are going with the fillers but I hope that a GOOD story starts soon. But until then, I’ll be focusing on Naruto where fillers are over and the story is getting intense.


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