Adjustment Bureau review

The movie stars Matt Damon, a politician, and Emily Blunt, a ballerina, where their relationship is affected by mysterious forces aiming to keep them apart. The movie is loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s short story, “Adjustment Team” (1954). The role of the Adjustment Bureau is to keep things on plan. What’s the plan? The life plan that the “Chairman” has planned out for everyone.  The Bureau must intervene in order to prevent “chance” from shifting the direction of the plan. Emily and Matt’s characters were meant to meet, but at one point the Adjustment Bureau were supposed to intervene to change the course of Matt’s plan but they kind of messed up and things unfolded from there. The movie has religious implications and the director claimed his aim was to raise questions.

I couldn’t help compare it to Inception, a movie that I absolutely love, where both thrillers mix science fiction and romance. Both movies bring about ideas that are hard to grasp for some people. Not everyone understood the movie Inception and although Adjustment Bureau is easier to understand, you still have unanswered questions.

The Bureau works for the “Chairman,” so in order to keep things on track wouldn’t they be more powerful than how
they were portrayed in the movie? Like they have the ability to change people’s course by delaying them with small incidents like phone calls, or the spilling of coffee. With these interruptions, when Henry (Adjustment Bureau responsible for watching Matt’s character) failed to delay David’s (Matt Damon) course in the park, how come he couldn’t have popped the tire of the bus that he got on or stopped the bus at a red light so that he can catch up. The idea of them is cool, they were suits and cool hats and watch people’s moves in an animated book and they can even go through portals by simply opening doors…but I expected more. I wanted to see more of what they can do, maybe fly around like the Matrix or something, but what I saw was that they had limited powers. They might as well have been regular people monitoring society like the CIA and other secret organizations. And then how come they let the characters go own with their lives knowing that the Bureau exists? Shouldn’t they be able to erase that part of their memories? +_O

Overall the movie is good, the romantic struggle between the two characters was well done, the acting was as expecting from great actors, by the science fiction element was mediocre. I rate it 7/10.


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