Gossip Girl Latest…Queen B & Lonely Boy

So we already guessed that Queen B and Lonely Boy may become lovers, and with the ending of the latest episode “Empire of the Son”, I think we have confirmed that thought…Yes they finally kissed…

I liked their chemistry and the anticipation of maybe they will be together..They were quite entertaining together…and the episode started out great with them planning to let everybody know about their secret friendship, on the side lines you have Chuck and Thorpe at it and Lily, Serena, Ben and his mom all joining in the fun… I like the turn of events in this episode but Raina kind of still gets on my nerves…

When Dan & Blair’s relationship progressed and was finally confirmed with a kiss I was like “Oh lord..what about Chuck”…but at the same time, Chuck didn’t take long to move on with whats her face…So I’m so anxious for next week’s episode…+_+


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